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Handy Arduino makes it on french television

Zoe RomanoDecember 15th, 2014

Last saturday, Arte tvl aired a short documentary in french language about Arduino. The video was created by FUTURE magazine and featuring Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles and Arduino users: children and young electronics enthusiasts:

Tinkering in a garage on a drone, playing with a set of lights with LEDs or even build a robotic arm worthy of a science fiction movie … Today, even when one is a novice in electronics all this is possible through Arduino, a real flexible technology.

They also created two nice short info-animations to explain what is Arduino and the idea of open source:

3 Responses to “Handy Arduino makes it on french television”

  1. wayoda Says:

    All programs on are also available in french and german language. Here’s the german version of the Arduino feature:

  2. salmimar57 Says:

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  3. salmimar57 Says:

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