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An ultrasonic eye for the visually impaired – #ArduinoMicroMonday

Zoe RomanoJanuary 13th, 2014


Dhavalis  lives in Surat (India) and grew up watching Sci-Fi and Super Hero Movies which made him believe that technology can overcome human weaknesses.  He wrote us to share Netra (it  means “eye” in Sanskrit), a project done during his second year of undergraduate engineering studies:

Netra is an eye for visually impaired, a device based on Echolocation principle. It uses Arduino Micro, Ultrasonic sensor and vibrating motor. Vibration of the motor increases with decrease in distance and vibration decreases with increase in distance between device and object in front. Build this device for people suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa Disorder.

Take a look at the schematic and the code on his website.