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Build an Arduino Yún powered cat camera

Zoe RomanoJanuary 16th, 2014
Arduino Yun

Hotte submitted to our blog a tutorial to monitor his 2 little cats in their favorite spots when he’s  at work:

This is a very, very small project that shows just how to build an Arduino Yún powered Camera application: It grabs photos from an USB camera connected to the Yún, saves them periodically on a uSD card and uploads them to a web host where a gallery is automatically created based upon the number of images in the upload folder. This project might be for interest for people that are just getting started with the Yún and want to explore more of its capabilities…

Every 5 minutes the Arduino Yún grabs pictures from a connected USB Webcam and saves it on its micro-SD card. From there the newest photo gets uploaded automatically to this webspace here where a little script transforms all the pictures in one folder to a photo gallery. The optional step adds an PIR motion sensor to get a snapshot if anything moves.

In three simple steps and the help of MJPEG Streamer library for openWRT,  you can set it up following the tutorial on this page . And here’s an example of the output:




3 Responses to “Build an Arduino Yún powered cat camera”

  1. AKSoapy29 Says:

    Awesome. I was curious if this was possible.

  2. cuongtl Says:

    good new for cat 😀

  3. cuongtl Says:

    good new for cat all overtheworld

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