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A diy electronic remake of a … Phenakistoscope

Zoe RomanoJanuary 7th, 2014

Phenakistoscope is one of the first motion graphics device from the XIXth century made by Santi of Playmode, an audiovisual research studio based in Barcelona area:

I used a recycled stepper motor from an old printer as the motion source, attaching a CD clip to it so that we could make the CDs rotate at a stable velocity. The CDs were completed with a sticked paper with classical and brand-new phenakistoscope patterns.
By synchronising the strobe frequency of a white led stripe with the motor rotation, we accomplish the image-in-motion effect on the eye.

The  sketch uploaded on the Arduino Nano is available at this link and below you can check the schematic and a video!

phenakisto schematic


Enjoy the stroboscopic POV experience: