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Enjoy images and sound on your Arduino Robot – video tutorial

Zoe RomanoNovember 21st, 2013

Arduino Robot

Some days ago RS Components published the 5th and last video in a series of 5 video tutorials about Arduino Robot. After learning how to get started, to remotely control the robot, avoid obstacles and follow lines, you can now learn how to use the TFT screen to deal with images and how to make music and listen to it with the Robot.

In the video below David  and Xun show examples and give your tips on how to navigate through these features:


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One Response to “Enjoy images and sound on your Arduino Robot – video tutorial”

  1. srimadh Says:

    Where can I find the control board diagram that gives me the details about the connections. I know where the different inputs/outputs are but don’t have information about which connection is GND, Vcc etc.

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