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Following lines, going to the rescue with Arduino Robot – Video Tutorial

Zoe RomanoNovember 13th, 2013



Once again Xun and David in this fourth video tutorial on the Arduino Robot released by RS Components, are exploring one of the most used techniques in Robotics: following a line, just like factory robots do to get an orientation when they carry objects from one place to another without human intervention.

Watching the video you’ll learn how to create a racing track drawing a black line over a white surface and understand how the different sensors read data that will be used to feed a PD algorithm:

PD stands for Predictive-Derivative and it is used to make a decision on how centred the robot is on top of the line. Ideally, for the robot to follow a line, the central IR sensor needs to be straight on top of the track and the algorithm needs to be “clever” enough to steer the motors towards it.

Check it out:



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