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Chilean Teen Twitts About Earthquakes

Davide GombaAugust 2nd, 2011

Sebastian Alegria, a 14 years old Chilean teen created an earthquake warning system based on Arduino, an earthquake detector (bought for less 100 $) and an ethernet shield.

Alegria’s rudimentary yet effective system comes from having survived Chile’s own earthquakes last year and seeing the devastation that covered Japan earlier this year. Keen on finding an inexpensive solution for early earthquake detection, he rigged an Arduino and domestic earthquake detector to tweet seconds before detectable seismic activity. Tweeting from @AlarmaSismos, it has already successfully detected every major earthquake that could be felt from Santiago since May. And it’s piling on the Twitter followers.

via [amazonNews] [HackDay] source [InfoBae]

3 Responses to “Chilean Teen Twitts About Earthquakes”

  1. liudr Says:

    Kids like Alegria deserve big applauds! Good job! A network of these sensors among participating individuals will be invaluable resource.

  2. 12sd Says:

    Wow, a child… Good job!
    And also a Debian T-Shirt, nice ^^

  3. Juan Says:

    Muy bien!! Felicidades Sebastian!!

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