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Open Energy Monitor Keeps Rocking

Davide GombaSeptember 30th, 2010


Arduinian projects slowly melt with our lives: that’s a kind of challenge that becomes a mission, or – more pragmatically – a way of living. It is the case of the [OpenEnergyMonitor] project.

I previously posted about it, but if you take a look about what [Suneil Tagore], [Trystan Lea], [Ken Boak] and [Glyn Hudson] (please, comment and I’ll updated a longer list) are doing, you’ll be curiously amazed; their motto (from [SubstainableSuburbiaBlog]):

Getting along in the 21st Century with half the baggage you carried in the last. Low cost electronic solutions for a low impact lifestyle.

have a look at [SubstainableSuburbia] blog, as well as [OpenEnergyMonitor] and the [Phorum], and – offcourse – the [ProjectDescription’spdf]

Thanks guys: keep on rocking!