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Open Energy Monitor Keeps Rocking

Davide GombaSeptember 30th, 2010


Arduinian projects slowly melt with our lives: that’s a kind of challenge that becomes a mission, or – more pragmatically – a way of living. It is the case of the [OpenEnergyMonitor] project.

I previously posted about it, but if you take a look about what [Suneil Tagore], [Trystan Lea], [Ken Boak] and [Glyn Hudson] (please, comment and I’ll updated a longer list) are doing, you’ll be curiously amazed; their motto (from [SubstainableSuburbiaBlog]):

Getting along in the 21st Century with half the baggage you carried in the last. Low cost electronic solutions for a low impact lifestyle.

have a look at [SubstainableSuburbia] blog, as well as [OpenEnergyMonitor] and the [Phorum], and – offcourse – the [ProjectDescription’spdf]

Thanks guys: keep on rocking!



6 Responses to “Open Energy Monitor Keeps Rocking”

  1. Eric Says:

    I agree, this is an awesome project, not expensive, not hard to make, with tons of good info on the website about how & why it works, ideas for expansion, etc.

    I’ve got it running in my house now 🙂

  2. Polidano Says:

    I cant access the website where there is all the information…can you help me..coz this is an awesome project and i am trying to build it myself

  3. Samuel Carlisle Says:

    Same lab, same beautiful setting, more engineers, more beer. The open energy monitor group have joined forces with the Nanode team (open source arduino with inbuilt ethernet). We are doing it all over again! Expect cool shit. 🙂 Let the hacking and the good times roll. Here is the photo album of the event so far:

  4. Samuel Carlisle Says:

    Update: We are co-ordinating dev from here

  5. Glyn Hudson Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    At OpenEnergyMonitor labs we have been working on designing a unit that makes building an open-source energy monitor easier. We wanted a unit that is cheap enough for a small home monitoring system yet powerful enough for a large system. We also wanted it to be easy to install and small enough to look pretty!

    Meet the emonTx >

    It’s an open-source design for a small battery powered wireless energy-monitoring node.

  6. Voltaware Says:

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