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Project Hub highlights: There’s something for everyone!

Arduino TeamAugust 4th, 2023

The three great projects selected in May for our Arduino Project of the Month competition are a reminder that making allows anyone to work (or play!) with technology – regardless of their goal, skill level, budget or inspiration. Be sure to browse the Project Hub regularly as you never know whether you’ll find a solution to support industrial automation in your company, or a fun experiment that’s just meant to make you smile. 

3. A robotic arm that would make Leonardo jealous

Building a robotic arm may seem like a challenging goal – but it’s easy (and probably not as expensive as you think!) with this super-clear video tutorial. Designed to be small, streamlined and easy to control, this project required custom 3D-printed parts, straightforward coding through the Arduino IDE, and of course, an Arduino Leonardo.

2. Let AI keep pipelines in check

Pipelines are an essential component in many types of machines and equipment – and keeping them healthy is crucial to extend the life of entire industrial systems. For a budget-friendly and compact solution to detect and diagnose defects, Kutluhan Aktar’s advanced project leverages an mmWave sensor and machine learning, thanks to Arduino products’ wide compatibility and modularity. Check out the tutorial to see how an Arduino Nano can be paired with a Nicla Vision to run a tinyML model, capture images of any deformed pipes, and inform users of the results. 

1. 3, 2, 1… create a cool counter! 

No matter the deadline, a countdown always makes it seem more pressing. Now, you can also make it a lot more fun with a four-digit, Predator-style counter based on the Arduino Nano 33 IoT! In this tutorial, user rogermiranda1000 even developed a custom numeric system and tweaked the delays for a more dynamic final effect. Perhaps not the most functional counter out there… but definitely a winner for any Predator movie fan! 

For your chance to be selected for a $100, $300 or even $500 gift card to spend on the Arduino Store, submit your best project on Project Hub! We will be awarding three new entries every month, as detailed in the complete terms and conditions. Good luck!