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Introducing support for the new Nano ESP32 board in Arduino Cloud

Arduino TeamAugust 3rd, 2023

Great news for Arduino enthusiasts! The new Nano ESP32, just released on July 17th, is now officially supported by the Arduino Cloud. This powerful combo brings MicroPython and IoT capabilities right to your fingertips, simplifying all your smart device projects.

The Nano ESP32‘s native MicroPython support empowers you to code in Python effortlessly. It opens up a world of possibilities for all skill levels, from simple scripts to complex IoT applications.

Nano ESP32 and Arduino Cloud, the power couple of IoT

Pairing the Nano ESP32 with the Arduino Cloud enhances your projects even further! The Arduino Cloud expands its existing ESP32-based hardware compatibility by including the Nano ESP32, allowing you to publish data from your Nano ESP32, monitor and control your devices from anywhere with ease, and update their firmware wirelessly.

About Arduino Cloud

The Arduino Cloud is the next exciting journey for IoT enthusiasts to bring their projects to life quickly. It is an all-in-one intuitive IoT platform, supporting a wide range of hardware and backed by the vibrant Arduino community. The Arduino Cloud removes complexity to enable users from all levels of expertise to create from anywhere, then control and share their projects with stunning dashboards.

Sign up for the Arduino Cloud now and unleash the full potential of your Nano ESP32 board.

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