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Stop snoring in its tracks with this helpful device

Arduino TeamMay 16th, 2023

For those who have to put up with a snoring partner or roommate, the scourge of listening to those droning sounds can be maddening and lead to a decrease in the quality of one’s sleep. So, as an attempt to remedy this situation, Flin van Asperen devised a machine out of readily accessible components that aims to teach people to stop snoring so much.

The bulk of the device was made by cutting foam boards to size and painting them gray before gluing each piece together to form a box. That enclosure was then given a pair of ears and covered in fake moss (to ‘blend in’ with other houseplants). Next, the circuit was created by connecting an Arduino Uno to a sound sensor element that detects if someone’s snoring has gotten too loud. Once the level has been reached, an MP3 player module is instructed to play a short audio clip via a speaker while a micro servo knocks over a cup onto the snorer’s head below.

Through this combination of sound and physical correction, van Asperen hopes that his anti-snoring contraption will be successful in stopping a person’s snoring. You can read more about the project here in its [translated] Instructables post.


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