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Multi-function device displays PC data and news

Arduino TeamJanuary 17th, 2023

While the typical computer user doesn’t need to worry about it, those of us who overclock our computers or run them hard like to know how they’re performing. If, for example, you overclock your CPU, then you probably want to keep an eye on its temperature to ensure that it doesn’t exceed a safe level. This multi-function device, designed by Mirko Pavleski, displays all kinds of PC data and even current news.

This Arduino LCD Info Panel works with open source software (LCD Smartie) running on a Windows PC. That software monitors many data points, including CPU load, free disk space, memory usage, and much more. It can also download RSS news feeds and sync with other software, like Winamp. The software then sends the relevant data to the Arduino LCD Info Panel device via a USB connection. The unit displays the data on a 16×2 character backlit LCD screen and a pair of potentiometer knobs let the user flip through the data.

It doesn’t take much hardware to build your own Arduino LCD Info Panel. The only components you need are an Arduino Nano, an Adafruit Standard LCD, two potentiometers, and a few miscellaneous components like resistors. The wiring is pretty simple and makers can use a protoboard or a breadboard.