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40+ ideas for your next home automation project with Arduino Cloud

Arduino TeamSeptember 2nd, 2022
Home Automation Arduino projects

Home automation has increasingly become a need in our lives. Without even noticing it we have been adding connected elements to our homes and buildings to make our lives easier and nowadays we are surrounded by electronic devices that monitor our environment, control our lighting systems and appliances, and even give us peace of mind by home security systems. Our expectations go even further as we interact with devices remotely using our mobile handsets or locally with voice activated smart speakers.

Although the commercial ecosystem of products that we can find is huge, it is also a fact that most of the solutions are still very expensive to solve simple problems. Furthermore, there are still many uncovered solutions that could be easily developed integrating existing elements. And that’s a point where makers find a bit of frustration, and your frustration becomes an opportunity to dream up creative and ingenious solutions in the quest to make our lives easier. Many of you have told us through a survey that you would commence a home automation project as the very first move into the IoT world. That’s the reason why we decided to build a catalogue with a bunch of ideas that can easily and effectively make a difference to your environment.

A new portal to Arduino home automation projects

The new home automation page can be navigated as a single page to find inspiration, or if you are very into a sub-topic you can navigate the single sections classified into the following categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Smart home
  • Security
  • Entertainment
  • Gardening & agriculture

Every concept page contains a description, a bill of materials (BOM), and a list of features.

Unleash the potential of the Arduino IoT Cloud

Adding intelligence to our homes is worthless if we don’t have a way to interact with our connected devices.

With Arduino IoT Cloud, you can choose from a catalogue of dozens of configurable widgets for control and data visualisation to set up beautiful and custom dashboards. You can access these dashboards remotely either from your Arduino IoT Cloud portal or the IoT Cloud Remote app.

Arduino Cloud provides seamless integration with Amazon’s Alexa, allowing you to control your projects with voice. Setting up voice control takes only a few minutes, and requires no code.

Your feedback is really important to us

You can browse the catalogue to get the full list of ideas and categories. 

Access your dashboards on the go from anywhere at any time, with the ability to interact with your home automation projects using the free IoT Cloud Remote app available on Google Play and App Store or your IoT Cloud portal.

Any feedback is more than welcome, so please let us know on the forum if we are missing a home automation project that you’d like to see included.

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