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Arduino User Groups are back in your maker-hood

Arduino TeamMay 30th, 2022
Arduino User Groups relaunch

You might recall that we mentioned the triumphant return of Arduino User Groups (AUG) during Arduino Week? Well, the in-person maker meetups are now back!

We’ve got some very ambitious plans for Arduino User Groups, so let’s take a look at what’s happening right now, and what’s coming soon to your maker-hood.

What Are AUGs?

Let’s make this quick, as you probably have a pretty good idea already.

Arduino User Groups are in-person gatherings of makers who use, love and engage with Arduino’s products, services, software and online communities. They can be a part of your existing makerspace, club or hackerspace. Or it can be entirely dedicated to the world of Arduino. That’s totally up to the organizers.

It’s an extension of our huge online community into the meat space. It’s somewhere people can learn, share and teach others all about Arduino, IoT projects, electronics and more. And Arduino will be there to support AUGs every step of the way.

Most importantly, AUGs are there to represent and spread the open source philosophy upon which Arduino was founded. It’s all about sharing, learning and community.

How Do I Find a Local AUG?

Head on over to the AUG web page. There, you can find a map and directory of the existing, official groups. We’re currently building it into somewhere you can contact the organizers and find out how you can get involved.

As this is a newly relaunched program, the number of AUGs is only just growing. So it’s possible there isn’t one in your immediate locale yet. But the exciting news is that you can also start your own brand new AUG.

How to Start an AUG

There’s an application form on the AUG page that lets you tell us about your interest in launching a group. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Your AUG can be part of an existing makerspace, school or university club, Fablab, hackerspace or any other association where people get together to build great projects.

The form will guide you through the requirements, and there’s a new channel to help over on the Arduino Discord. Everyone’s welcome to apply, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Head on over to the official AUG web page now to learn more, and to join your local maker-hood!

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