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Start your new career at Arduino

Arduino TeamJune 1st, 2022
Arduino careers

If you think you love Arduino now, wait until you work here! There are several open positions right now that we wanted to make you aware of, and encourage you to apply for.

Arduino Work Culture

Since you’re here on the Arduino blog anyway, we probably don’t need to pitch ourselves all that hard. Chances are you already appreciate the culture and vibe of Arduino, but it doesn’t hurt to reassure you that we’re confident it’d be a very positive career choice.

The culture is exactly what you’d expect from a pioneering open source company like Arduino. You’ll enjoy a very flat hierarchy and a super creative environment. In fact, we strive for creativity among the workforce just as much as we do out there in the maker community.

We’re very open to remote and hybrid positions, so you’re encouraged to apply for suitable roles regardless of your location. Some jobs might necessitate a degree of locality, but we’ll discuss that further down the road. It’s flexible, diverse, fun and rich with potential for growth.

Open Positions at Arduino

We’ve new positions opening up all the time, so your best option is to head on over to our careers page to see what’s available right now.

Arduino is growing rapidly, with lots of opportunities across a whole range of departments. From developers and engineers to marketers and support teams, there’s a wide range of roles for people from all backgrounds.

We have offices in a couple of different countries, but we’re also a remote-first business. So don’t worry if you’re nowhere near Italy! We want the right people, not the right locations.

How to Apply

You can get in touch with us directly through the Arduino careers page for the role you’re interested in. There’s a LinkedIn option, if you want to do it that way and show off your professional profile.

And make sure you keep an eye on the careers webpage. It’s constantly being updated as Arduino grows and evolves, so even if the right role for you isn’t there at the moment, it might be soon.

Good luck!


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