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This special front door controller can be unlocked in several ways

Arduino TeamMay 11th, 2022

For YouTuber Jroobi, merely walking up to his front door, inserting a key and turning the handle was too simple, which led him to come up with a very unique and high-tech design for a new type of lock. His idea was to combine several different verification/control methods, including codes, RFID and voice, all in a single package.

The sci-fi-style device he created consists of two Arduino boards. An Arduino Nano handles the physical electronic strike assembly that blocks the door from opening, stores an RFID tag database, and receives input from a slightly modified Google Home smart switch for voice operation via the Google Assistant ecosystem. Connected to the Nano is a Due, which is responsible for driving the 7″ touchscreen and everything else within the door controller.

The central screen displays smooth animations for entering passcodes and scanning RFID tags, while a string of RGB LEDs just inside the door illuminate depending on if access was granted. Lastly, futuristic-sounding instructions and effects are played with the help of a DFRobot MP3 player module.  

For more details about how Jroobi made this project, you can watch the demonstration video below or read his post here on Reddit.