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Portenta H7 Lite Connected hits another sweet spot for pro users

Arduino TeamOctober 5th, 2021
Arduino PRO Portenta H7 Lite Connected

We launched the powerful Portenta H7 last year. The more targeted Portenta H7 Lite just a few weeks ago. And we’re back (already!), with another new product that fills the gap between the previous two versions.

It’s known as Portenta H7 Lite Connected, but we like to call it “the best of both worlds.”

The Portenta H7 Lite Connected is powerful, with integrated wireless connectivity, yet remains cost-optimized. You could think of it as the H7 with only one secure element and no high-resolution video interface. Or if you prefer, the H7 Lite with the ability to connect.

Adding this third iteration to the Portenta family and Arduino Pro ecosystem is our way of saying we want to be at our your side. No matter what smart project you are working on. You can always count on Arduino’s reliability, versatility, and ease of implementation; picking the product that best suits your needs.

Portenta H7 Lite (left), H7 (center) and H7 Lite Connected (right)

Here’s where the Portenta H7 Lite Connected fits into the Arduino ecosystem.

  • If you need excellent computational power to deploy AI on the edge.
  • You’re building a solution that will interact with other robotics systems, and therefore does not require a high-resolution video interface.
  • Prototyping an idea that you know will need to connect to WiFi but is still not at the stage where you want to invest in a fully-fledged Portenta H7.

Get the exact features you need with three options to choose from in the Portenta H7 family. And remember, the 80-pin high-density connectors at the bottom of every Portenta mean you can simply upgrade to a different version at any time.

The Portenta H7 Lite Connected is available for €82/US$98.40.

More information and complete technical specs can be found here.

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