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This futuristic-looking device actively discourages you from touching your face

Arduino TeamApril 2nd, 2021

For a variety of reasons, including potential virus transmission, it’s a bad idea to touch your face too often. If you need a little “help” to break this habit, then you might consider DesignMaker’s STOP Face Touching Device.

The system takes the form of a cyberpunk-esque helmet, which monitors the area around the wearer’s face with four IR sensors. An Arduino Nano is used for control of the device, and when you do touch your face, it responds by smacking your forehead with a motor/spring contraption. It also increases the number of touches shown on an OLED display. 

Between a slight amount of pain and the public shaming, perhaps your behavior will be modified. Alternatively, you can just check out the build/demo below for a bit of a laugh and maybe some inspiration!