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Portenta Vision Shield now available with LoRa® module

Arduino TeamJanuary 27th, 2021

What better way to announce the availability of the Portenta Vision Shield LoRa than at The Things Conference 2021, a global showcase for all the top-notch LoRaWAN products and services?

The LoRa® module option of the Portenta Vision Shield is specifically designed for edge ML applications, enabling low-power, long distance communication over LoRa® wireless protocol and LoRaWAN networks. It’s the perfect addition to the powerful Arduino Portenta H7 which makes possible machine learning on-device, thereby greatly reducing the communication bandwidth requirement in an IoT application.

Always-on machine vision: The Portenta Vision Shield comes with an ultra-low-power Himax camera. The camera module autonomously detects motion while the Portenta H7 is in stand-by — only waking up the microcontroller when needed.

Voice and audio event recognition: The Portenta Vision Shield features two ultra-compact and omnidirectional MP34DT06JTR microphones, bringing voice recognition and audio event detection. Both the video and audio data can be stored on an SD card, and transmitted through the LoRa® module to the Arduino IoT Cloud or your own infrastructure.

If you would like to learn how to create LoRa® powered solutions running machine vision algorithms, then watch Sebastian Romero’s workshop at The Things Conference on Thursday, January 28th 1:00pm-1:30pm CET, followed by Q&A at 1:30pm CET. Save 20% off the price of entry to the conference, simply add this code when purchasing a ticket – TTC2021-FRIEND-OF-ARDUINO

The Portenta Vision Shield LoRa® is now available on the Arduino online store and you can learn more about Arduino’s participation in The Things Conference 2021 here.