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Create a Nano 33 IoT-based filtration and flame detection system for your 3D printer

Arduino TeamJanuary 8th, 2021

After welcoming a new child into the world, Mike Buss decided that his 3D printer needed a few safety enhancements. To address this issue, he added a clear chamber on top of his Ultimaker S3 with a fan and filter to remove volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), controlled by an Arduino Nano 33 IoT.

The Nano 33 IoT interfaces with the printer over WiFi to automatically detect when it’s in use, and switches the fan on via a relay. Speed can be modified through PWM.

Sensors are implemented to measure temperature, humidity, and VOC levels. This data is wirelessly sent to a server running on a network-attached storage device. A flame sensor is also placed above the Ultimaker, which allows it to sound an audible alarm and cut off power if burning is detected.

More details on the filtration system can be found in Buss’ blog post.

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