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What’s not to love about this realistic beating heart?

Arduino TeamNovember 20th, 2020

Your heart is an amazing organ, pumping blood through your body and literally keeping you alive. However, building a realistic model of one — as explained in this write-up by Holiday McAllister — can actually be pretty simple.

Here, silicone is poured into a four-inch heart mold to create the structure, partially hollowed out to accommodate a metal gear micro servo.

This little motor rotates back and forth under control of an Arduino Uno, making it appear to pulse up and down on a table. One could see this enhanced in a variety of ways, perhaps with a bit of fake blood for an even more lifelike look, or with inputs to the Arduino for interactive capabilities.


One Response to “What’s not to love about this realistic beating heart?”

  1. Dilhanis1977 Says:

    Where can my 12 year old son have one of these hearts please. He is very interested in doing this project.
    Many thanks

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