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This Arduino-powered LED matrix mask responds to your voice

Arduino TeamJune 2nd, 2020

When wearing a face mask nowadays, you can’t show expressions in the same ways that we’re all accustomed to. As a possible solution to this problem, programmer Tyler Glaiel decided to create a custom covering with an 8×8 LED matrix that picks up his voice and imitates his mouth moving. It even allows him to smile by sensing when he makes a “pop” sound.

The build is entirely self-contained, with an Arduino Nano, 9V power supply, and electret microphone embedded in the mask’s translucent black cloth.

Instructions on how to make your own are available in Glaiel’s blog post, though he is quick to note that it’s not guaranteed to inhibit virus transmissions, and is meant as something of a novelty.


2 Responses to “This Arduino-powered LED matrix mask responds to your voice”

  1. mogsy Says:

    I can’t get the code running, comes up with various errors and matrix shows mouth_4, any suggestions

  2. vincedetek Says:

    salut , super idée. le projet fonctionne bien. Le seul soucis que je rencontre c,est avec l’alimentation. Lorsque je branche l’arduino sur USB (PC, ou Power bank), sa fonctionne bien, par contre avec une pile 9V la matrice led ne reagit pas et l,interrupteur non plus §
    bizarre non?
    une idée ?

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