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NEW! A teaching platform for remote learning with Arduino

Arduino TeamApril 15th, 2020

COVID-19 is playing a huge role in everything we do. With schools closed and a large number of countries under total lockdown, we want to support educators, parents, and students with hands-on electronic, programming, and coding lessons from home.

NEW: The Arduino Education remote learning platform

We have been working on several initiatives to support remote learning. Our aim is for children to still have access to hands-on STEAM lessons even while they can’t attend school. We are pleased to announce that to support homeschooling needs we have launched a remote learning platform.

What will you find on the remote learning platform?

This platform will deliver online support to educators, parents and students so they have the tools they need to feel comfortable and confident in completing successful STEAM lessons at home. On a weekly basis, we will post new helpful material including video tutorials, live sessions, and extra support with resources, ideas, and tips.

We will also be hosting weekly live sessions on Arduino EduVision. You can find all details, dates and times, and book the next coming session here

All the activities and tutorials in our remote learning platform currently support using the Arduino Starter Kit and Arduino Certification as learning tools in the home.

18 tips and tricks for educators new to remote learning

Many schools are set up for some kind of remote learning, but there are an equal number for whom this is a whole new world. It’s also true that while you probably have lesson plans ready for the upcoming semesters, it’s a whole different ball game to suddenly put all these lessons online without disrupting any learning. These 18 tips and tricks will help you if you’re new to remote learning.

We hope that Arduino Education programs can support you in enabling students to learn, innovate, and succeed at home by making complex technology simple to understand and use.

Keep safe!

All the best from the Arduino Education Team