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Tune in to the official Arduino Day 2020 livestream

Arduino TeamMarch 20th, 2020

We’re just hours away from (virtually) celebrating Arduino Day! Join us on Saturday for our official livestream, starting at 2pm CET. We’ll connect with community events from all around the world as well as hear from Arduino team members like Fabio Violante, Massimo Banzi, and David Cuartielles.

For those who will be tuning in, here’s a look at our schedule.

If you want to connect with the Arduino team or other community members, you can join:

One Response to “Tune in to the official Arduino Day 2020 livestream”

  1. truckmen Says:

    Hey, this is really great!
    I’m just starting to learn about Arduino and my use of electronics in general for my model rocketry hobby. My project is a 1/100th scale of the Apollo-era Saturn V vehicle with the associated Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) and Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT). If I can do it, I will also build the crawler of that era or close to it. All will have much in the way of electronics with the Arduino platform used extensively throughout.

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