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Resys is an LED drawer system that makes it easy to find your resistors

Arduino TeamFebruary 25th, 2020

You’ve got your design ready to go, you know you have the right components… but where exactly did you place that particular resistor? With the Resys drawer system by Lynlimer, you no longer have to wonder — just type in the needed value and the proper drawer lights up automatically.

The device is based on an Arduino Nano, with an LCD display for text output and a numeric keypad for value entry. The proper drawers are lit via WS2812B addressable LEDs, held in 3D-printed holders. 

It’s a clever project that could be expanded to well beyond the 16 drawers now used. Code, STLs, and circuit diagrams are available in Lynlimer’s write-up if you want to make your own!


3 Responses to “Resys is an LED drawer system that makes it easy to find your resistors”

  1. Paxlo_05 Says:

    Very usefull project if you have a lot of resistors.
    I hope you can make it to a bigger scale!
    Otherwise continue like that.

  2. Josephin3e Says:

    This Arduino-based drawer system lights up to show the selected resistor value location.

  3. tjscientist Says:

    I really like this project and am using it as inspiration for my own but using an ESP32 (WROOM-32D) so that I can type in a part number on my phone using WiFi (or Bluetooth) to light up the correct drawer. Very cool!!!

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