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Meet Aster, the 3D-printed humanoid robot

Arduino TeamNovember 29th, 2019

If you’d like to build your own vaguely humanoid robot, but don’t care about it getting around, then look no further than Aster

The 3D-printed bot is controlled by an Arduino Uno, with a servo shield to actuate its 16 servo motors. This enables it to move its arms quite dramatically as seen in the video below, along with its head. The legs also appear to be capable of movement, though not meant to walk, and is supported with a column in the middle of its structure.

Aster’s head display is made out of an old smartphone, and in the demo it shows its eyes as green geometric objects, an animated sketch, and then, somewhat shockingly, as different people. Print files for the project are available here and the design is actually based on the more expensive Poppy Humanoid.


4 Responses to “Meet Aster, the 3D-printed humanoid robot”

  1. Osa_xNite1 Says:

    Nice robot! It would be AWESOME if you made it so it could walk.

  2. Bhardhwaj01 Says:

    Dear Arduino team,
    Can you please provide the codes for the following project.

  3. krish272714f Says:

    Yes,I also need codes for the Aster, 3d printed robot

  4. Elias-Arduino Says:

    Cooler Roboter, gefällt mir.
    Wäre echt toll wenn er laufen könnte.
    Der Code wäre auch wichtig.
    Sonst super Ding

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