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An interactive wall map with DMX programmable lights and visual ‘narration’

Arduino TeamSeptember 26th, 2019

Non-profits can do great work, and in order to help others visualize the needs they serve and what they are doing, Jason Wolin came up with an amazing map for his organization.

The massive map stretches down 14 feet of a brick wall, with the continents cut out of MDF, and a pair of accompanying LCD TVs that show data about different areas.

Three computers are used for control, two of which are used to play videos on each screen. The third handles overhead map lighting controlled via the DMX protocol to illuminate the map in various configurations. Each of the PCs are coordinated using a trio of Arduino Nanos, allowing video and lighting effects to be displayed in perfect sync.


2 Responses to “An interactive wall map with DMX programmable lights and visual ‘narration’”

  1. onlinismdigital Says:

    Amazing ….. dont know by 2025 what all technology will give to us … in last 10 years especially 5 years cant believe the changes in technology

  2. SandonRao Says:

    It is a very creative and innovative idea and model that will change a person’s way of viewing a map and learning about the world. With the world advancing so much in the fields of innovation and technology, people will have to keep tinking and planning and innovating all the time cause the product or service that you already thought about is already in the market or just comping into the market. Every day there are more than 100 new products entering the market.

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