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Simulating a flip clock on an Arduino-driven LCD screen

Arduino TeamAugust 20th, 2019

Although flip clocks may be extremely interesting electromechanical devices, with rolling flaps to show what time it is, they’re also fairly complicated if you want to build one yourself. Mark Wilson, however, took a different approach with his project, simulating the output on a 320×240 LCD display.

The clock is powered by an Arduino Uno and a DS3231 RTC module, allowing it to show the time, date, a blinking colon, and even the days until the trash/recycling needs to be put out. Alternate screens are available as well, including a Pong clock, triangle clock, and cube clock, which can be individually selected or set to randomly cycle if you so desire. 

For its housing, Wilson chose a minimal acrylic/standoff design that seems to suit it well, and you can see it in action in the short demo clip below.


4 Responses to “Simulating a flip clock on an Arduino-driven LCD screen”

  1. be80be Says:

    Really cool very nice

  2. Lofty73 Says:

    That is a fantastic make on an old classic. I am so in awe of peoples creativity. I wish i was 20 years younger, although I have the capability to copy these builds I havent the mental capacity to create programs any more

  3. Bwanajohn51 Says:

    Very creative & useful digital clock, with a retro touch. Reminds me of Grand Central Station, only silent. I may have to try to duplicate this. Cool!

  4. Aditya_khot Says:

    can you please tell me , can i use rtc module and another arduino with serial communication sda and scl. i am using serial communication with two arduino mega’s and i want to connect rtc module to sda and scl pin can i do it ?

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