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Become Arduino certified!

Arduino TeamJuly 19th, 2019

As recently announced, the Arduino Certification Program: Arduino Fundamentals is a structured way for you to enhance and validate your Arduino skills. Although the exam has been available in the U.S. since May, we’re excited to roll it out to the EU and rest of the world (except Brazil).

Arduino Fundamentals provides you with the opportunity to gain official recognition for your knowledge in Arduino-related electronics, programming, and physical computing. If you pass the test, you will be rewarded with an Arduino Fundamentals certificate in your name containing a unique QR code to ensure authenticity. 

If you think you can answer 36 questions in 75 minutes, then you can become a fully certified member of the Arduino community and enhance your resume for just $30.

A free demo can be found online to help give you an idea of the types of queries you will be challenged with. Feeling confident in your Arduino abilities? Go ahead and give it a try!

15 Responses to “Become Arduino certified!”

  1. kjaeger Says:

    Is Norway not part of EU??

    Can’t get any access.
    Hpwe to get in near fututre. I will pass the test with high score. I’m sure.
    Love Arduino and its TDE.

  2. kjaeger Says:

    Ment IDE

  3. danielroncagliasantos Says:

    Hi, why except Brazil? ?

  4. alexmorato Says:

    Why not Brazil ?

  5. marcio_pessoa Says:

    We have a vibrant community in Brazil ready to take the test right now. What’s wrong with us?

  6. luisvasconcelos Says:

    “rest of the world (except Brazil)” ? Oh! Bad words man. My projects and my students works with arduino. So, maybe think one more time about this decision too.

  7. lucasperuca Says:

    I wonder why not Brazil, since we have a massive community using arduino boards for all purposes. Maybe we should buy chinese boards or go Raspberry, once “rest of the world (except Brazil)” shows the disrespect way Arduino sees us. Shame on you guys!

  8. someuser Says:

    In my opinion you’re all but a failure as a project at the precise moment you decided to exclude Brazil (By whatever the reason). What’s the point of all your claimed “Open Sourceness” if you decide to exclude someone, by any reason, from being recognized as able to manage a technology?

    Not that your certification would mean such a great thing, anyway, but disqualifying someone by their country, now that’s not only inhuman. That’s cruel.

    Agora pros manos do BR, sugestão pessoal, vamos boicotar essa galera aí até resolverem essa parada. Se precisarem de componentes, bora comprar só no Aliexpress ou ML ( com garantia de ter vindo da china) agora… Nada de comprar oficial com essa galera…

  9. luiza1201 Says:

    Please give us an explanation of why isn’t Brazil included. I clicked on this article super excited and now I’m really disappointed. The worst thing is that this is not the first, second or even the third time I can’t participate in something just because I live in Brazil. And really, that is not cool. I don’t know if it is you guys fault or if it is some bureaucracy, but I would really like an explanation. I really love making stuff with Arduino, but it’s getting harder and harder to stay with the “official” stuff. Please include us!! Or if for some reason that is impossible, at LEAST give us an explanation, ANY explanation.

  10. brunarenno_ Says:

    Why NOT Brazil??? Is there a problem with us??? Are we different as HUMANS from the rest of the world??? I just want to understand WHY!!! That’s RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!

  11. brunarenno_ Says:

    Every product or service that you’re developing from now on, the rest of the world has access, except Brazil. WHY????? We really want to continue buying from you!!! Are we being obligated to find another technology??? Are we being obligated to buy false Arduino boards??? That’s extremely ridiculous!!! I’m really disappointed!!!!

  12. maximiliam Says:

    ARDUINO is a great platform for technology education and I was very sad that Brazil was the only one excluded from the list. First for the open-source concept that allows the platform clones and the claim that Brazil uses fake product from china, so why isn’t china on the list? Now if the ban is because of our current president I have to agree. But I still voted against it.

  13. avilapro Says:

    Veo un gran numero de respuestas de porque Brasil esta excluido, es algo que desgraciadamente experimentan los venezolanos hoy en dia. Que mal, ojala sea algo que tenga una pronta solucion.

  14. khthichem Says:

    Nulle le System de certificat…..
    pour moi je cher a recevoir un prototype de produit ARDUINO gratuitement je vie actuellement en Algérie est c’est très dure de le procure.

  15. ssbarretto Says:

    I remember the 80s when Scopus was the greatest “rest of the world” Intel customer and people at Intel asked “what does this company in Brazil make?¨. Unfortunately, the image of Brazil didn’t change much in all these years.

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