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Simple PID control intro device

Arduino TeamDecember 3rd, 2018

You may have come across the term “PID control,” and while this proportional-integral-derivative control method does a great job of smoothing out oscillations, where does one get started? 

One solution would be Mr Innovative’s demo device, showcased in the video below. In it, a DC gear motor is able to smoothly rotate an arrow overlaid on a protractor by a certain number of degrees.

Input is via a Bluetooth smartphone interface, and an encoder is used for feedback to the commanding Arduino Uno. Everything is fastened together by 3D-printed parts, and if you’d like to try your own PID experiment, code and print files are linked in the video description.


3 Responses to “Simple PID control intro device”

  1. matelot Says:

    Firstly you can improve it by continuing the description you started giving, there is nothing at all wrong with your narration. I learned a lot from the period when you were talking and very little when you just put the music on.
    You showed a board being made, is it possible to get one of these boards or at least the fritzing file so I could get one made?
    also is it possible to get the 3d printer files?
    thanks. keep up the narration.

  2. tankmohit11 Says:

    Excellent project. Willing to implement it in my next project. Many thanks.

  3. BDutro Says:

    Well done! Also, your communication is at least as good as my teachers in college. Please continue to share your projects.

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