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Expanding Death Star lamp with MKR1000

Arduino TeamApril 27th, 2018

What could be better than a lamp that expands with the pull of a control cord? How about one that looks like the Death Star and is controlled with your voice? 

That’s exactly what maker Adi Singh created using a popular IKEA lamp and embedding it with an Arduino MKR1000 to take voice commands via Alexa. A stepper motor is tasked with opening and closing the exterior segments, and a solid-state relay turns the light on and off. It also features a spectacular custom paint job, making this lamp/superweapon stand out even more.

You can see the results in the video below as it changes shape and blinks to the soothing sounds of the Imperial March!


6 Responses to “Expanding Death Star lamp with MKR1000”

  1. joeldiazr Says:

    Excelente trabajo!!! me encanto!!! 🙂

  2. mattlogue Says:

    How are each of the panels articulated to presumably one armature or wheel driven by stepper motor? It seems more of a major M.E. project! Not that’s a complaint, just something more putting it out of my league.

  3. finkelmana Says:

    Its a cool project… Not to be a negative nancy, but… WTF does this thing have to do with the Death Star? It doesnt look like the Death Star. Its just a grey sphere cut into patterns. It expands for some reason, which the Death Star does not. The lights do not blink with the music either.

  4. androidflashfile Says:

    thanks for your nice post

  5. SamHenry Says:

    Hello! This is awesome, what will you be doing to celebrate Arduino Day May 12th, 2018?

  6. ClayDowling Says:

    Finally I have justification to buy that cool lamp from Ikea. Awesome project.

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