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Designing a fake dynamic price tag

Arduino TeamApril 5th, 2018

Wile we know on some level that prices adjust to market conditions, with Amazon now owning Whole Foods, one could perhaps see a day when this happens electronically and instantaneously.

To get a preview of what this might look like, maker “msbirfday” decided to create a random price generator based on an Arduino Uno and a 16×2 LED display. This was then disguised as an official price tag, and set up in a store to observe how shoppers reacted.

The unit blends in nicely, and while employees might get annoyed at the device, it’s certainly an ingenious prank.

Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market made us wonder: what’s stopping dynamic pricing from stepping into the physical world of retail? What if the prices in a supermarket were just as flexible as those online?

Check out how it was made here, and see it in action in the video below!