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Water speakers enhanced with an Arduino Mega

Arduino TeamFebruary 14th, 2018

Maker “cool austin” is a fan of water speakers, which pulse jets of water inside plastic enclosures to the beat of your music, but thought they could be improved.

What he came up with is a multi-tower setup that not only dances with light and water to the beat of the music playing, but splits up the pulses into frequencies a la a VU meter.

The project uses an Arduino Mega—chosen because it has sufficient PWM outputs to control the water and lights in five of these enclosures via MOSFETs—to output signals to the water units for an excellent audio-visual display.

Water speakers from the store are great to watch, but I felt they could do more. So many years ago I had modified a set to show the frequency of music playing. At the time I used the Color Organ Triple Deluxe II, combined with a set of photocells potentiometers and transistors I was able to get a set of 3 speakers to function.

I then a few years ago had heard about the IC MSGEQ7 which has the ability to separate audio into 7 data values for an Arduino to read. I utilize an Arduino mega 2560 in this project because it has the required number of PWM pins to drive five water towers.

You can find more details on the water speaker equalizer here, and see it in action below!


3 Responses to “Water speakers enhanced with an Arduino Mega”

  1. baron42 Says:

    Its great

  2. Latheart Says:

    I wannnna learn how this is done so I can try it with My lasers!
    With the sound (or maybe motion) this could be a fun one.
    I have already ordered a water speaker … to see if I can make my own
    with acrylic and my laser engraver…..

    Thanks for sharing

  3. phillmatrix Says:


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