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Create an Arduino Mega-powered, cable-cutting machine

Arduino TeamJanuary 12th, 2018

What do you do when faced with measuring and cutting a bunch of cables? If you’re Edward Carlson, you “simply” build a machine to do it for you!

While it may not save time on this run, at least on the next occasion that he needs a few cables cut, he can just program his device to snip everything to size!

His setup uses an Arduino Mega with an LCD/button shield to tell the machine how long to snip each wire, then employs a stepper motor to move the cable between two rollers to the correct length. When in position, a high-torque servo actuates a (normally) manual pair of clippers to cut it to size.

Be sure to check out the project explanation in the video seen here, or skip to around 5:30 to see it in action!


7 Responses to “Create an Arduino Mega-powered, cable-cutting machine”

  1. luisfassis Says:


  2. VisionWorldTech Says:

    Hey, great project. But I have a confusion that how you have measured the length of the cable.

  3. Phillybob Says:

    Is using a mega a preference on this. I’m thinking of using a uno. Obvs I’m new to all this

  4. Muizham Says:

    Do you have a complete schematic diagram for this project?

  5. Ilir_ram Says:

    Can you send any Details of your wire Cutter?
    Or you will do Ego on this project.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Barkkat_Ahmad Says:

    Plz send me this machine aurdino program…and send me the smatic diagram

  7. jackiejackie Says:

    Can you do a code with keypad instead of buttons?

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