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Designing an Arduino-powered Braille generator

Arduino TeamJanuary 2nd, 2018


Did you know that embossing machines needed to generate Braille characters can cost thousands of dollars? After finding this out, hacker Carlos Campos decided to design and build his own using 3D-printed parts, along with an Arduino Mega and a RAMPS board for control.

Instead of punching each dot, the device pushes a pin out onto the paper, then rolls the dot onto it from the other side, leading to a much quieter operation than normal machines.

Check out the clips below to see the pin actuator by itself and the embosser in action. More details and videos can also be found on Facebook. The project is still in the experimental stages, so collaborators are invited to help turn it into an even more useful implement.


3 Responses to “Designing an Arduino-powered Braille generator”

  1. Sreesiva Says:

    I Have a doubt on related to this project.. I try to convert mobile message into braile it possible to direct connect GSM rs232 and zigbee TTL logic board without uart board

  2. noyangohin Says:

    Really good project, appreciated..
    Waiting for software part.. 😀

  3. carlos.camposalcocer Says:

    Many thanks for sharing this post, I really hope it will encourage other makers to work on it. Improving the design and the software will make this printer widely available for anyone who needs it!

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