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An Arduino vibe bowl screw feeder

Arduino TeamOctober 26th, 2017

Vibratory bowls, which feed small parts up a long curved ramp, are essential elements in many types of automated manufacturing. While the video seen here doesn’t get into how the bowls themselves are made, a crucial part of the setup is the ramp on the end, which controls how items exiting the bowl are aligned.

In the clip below, NYC CNC’s John Saunders machines a feed ramp and proceeds to integrate an Arduino Uno after the 21:00 mark, which uses a photo interrupt sensor to count how many parts have exited the bowl.

Once the proper number has been attained, it can then switch things off as needed using a PowerSwitch Tail. It’s a great setup for testing out the design before being put to use. Code and parts for the project can be found here.


2 Responses to “An Arduino vibe bowl screw feeder”

  1. Pady Says:

    hello guys i am working on arduino project which based on eye blinking using mobile camera so can any have suggestions how to get signal from camera to arduino and also arduino code…..please guide me

  2. theron Says:

    @Pady Sounds like a great project. Arduino may not be able to do it alone though. You’ll probably need a more powerful chip to do the Computer Vision processing to process video, find eyes and determine if they’re blinking.

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