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The GuitarBot will strum you a song

Arduino TeamAugust 17th, 2017

While many Makers have musical skill, others attempt to compensate for their lack of it by producing automatic instruments that play themselves. One such attempt started in 2015 as a collaborative project between three University of Delaware professors as part of an initiative known as “Artgineering.” This was meant to “create a public spectacle… to demonstrate that engineering and art can work together harmoniously.”

Although many would consider engineering to be an art in itself, if you’d like to create your own robotic band, this Instructables write-up for the GuitarBot is a great place to start.

The guitar-playing robot is comprised of three major components: the brains, a strummer, and a chord mechanism. An Arduino Mega, a specially-ordered PCB and several shields are used for control, and a series of solenoids press down frets as needed. Finally, strumming is handled by a pick that is pulled by a DC motor and belt assembly, all of which is held up by an aluminum frame.


7 Responses to “The GuitarBot will strum you a song”

  1. NoahP2007 Says:

    WHooooo this is Awesome

  2. miguel623 Says:

    It would be nice to watch a perforformance of it.

  3. miguel623 Says:

    It would be nice to watch a performance of it.

  4. dongcodien3pha Says:

    Yeah. This is awesome.

  5. li23108 Says:

    Very cool

  6. julicrisby Says:

    This is so cool. I’m a huge fan of music and i love guitars and i love arduino so GREAT MIX!

  7. corcovado Says:

    What?? Where can I hear this?

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