A new era for Arduino begins today

Arduino TeamJuly 28th, 2017

BCMI, the company founded by Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles, David Mellis and Tom Igoe, co-founders of Arduino, announces that today it has acquired 100% ownership of Arduino AG, the corporation which owns all of the Arduino trademarks.

Following the acquisition, Mr. Massimo Banzi becomes the new Chairman and CTO of Arduino. Dr. Fabio Violante will be appointed as the new CEO, replacing Mr. Federico Musto who will pursue other opportunities outside Arduino AG.

“This is the beginning of a new era for Arduino in which we will strengthen and renew our commitment to open source hardware and software, while in parallel setting the company on a sound financial course of sustainable growth. Our vision remains to continue to enable anybody to innovate with electronics for a long time to come,” said Mr Banzi.

“I’m really excited and honoured to join Massimo, the co-founders and the amazing Arduino team as CEO. In the past two years we have worked very hard to get to this point. We envision a future in which Arduino will apply its winning recipe to democratize the Internet of Things for individuals, educators, professionals and businesses,” said Dr. Violante.

25 Responses to “A new era for Arduino begins today”

  1. Isaac100 Says:

    This is amazing!

  2. pwillard Says:

    This is wonderful news!

  3. gareth__ Says:


  4. kevinsidwar Says:

    Really happy to hear this news. Really look forward to how you will continue to push the community forward.

  5. Coretta Says:

    Beautiful! Congrats!!

  6. nathan_ramanathan Says:

    Finally! Hopefully Arduino will join hands with the esp8266 community to speed the learning with IoT. Keep it up Arduino!

  7. antonioriz Says:

    Great news!!!

  8. coloz Says:

    Congratulations from Arduino Chinese Community!

  9. touchmysound Says:

    ___.__. ____ _____ _____ | |__
    ____ (____ /___| /
    \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

  10. caipengyue Says:

    From the first blessing of the Amazon

  11. jonlorusso Says:

    I hope this means Arduino can finally get back to creating amazing things again.

  12. IDF31 Says:

    Good job! Amazing news.

  13. Dirk67 Says:

    relly good news,

    but what about the arduino foundation now ?

    and why there are still two completely different arduino websites (org and cc),
    They still have different web and social media appearances, including various job advertisements.

    this is kinda ridiculous …

  14. ebto Says:

    Congratulations on the good news. I hope you can quickly move to unify the Arduino brand identity (.org and .cc, Genuino) and pick up the lost momentum.

  15. teccrowd Says:

    This is amazing news. Thanks

  16. tpobrienjr Says:

    Great news. Best luck with the new adventure.

  17. PoluzziP Says:

    So now the society can sell the Arduino board also in Italy?

  18. SurfingDude Says:

    Change happens and congratulations are due. I hope you can swiftly link and merge the .cc and .org web sites, merge the product lines, and manufacture stock on items that are currently not available. Some of the products might need to go discontinued in order to announce and support newer and better. Please keep your loyal followers informed!

  19. richardski Says:

    Really excellent news for all in the maker community. Well done for the great effort to restore normality. Richard

  20. ebtenorio Says:

    This is great news, and congratulations to all! This indeed is a new era in Arduino. Greetings from the Philippines!

  21. Massimo Banzi Says:

    thanks for the kind words everybody 🙂 🙂

    @Dirk67 This thing happened friday afternoon… can we get a week to get all of that done?

  22. koolk Says:

    Mr Musto’s intentions were just to monetize about Arduino and all the business around this platform. His exit from the group would just give me confirmation of this. Long live Arduino, long live Mr Banzi and company. Arduino is yours, at last

  23. xinfinite Says:

    Great news! But what will hapen to ” Arduino STAR – OTTO “, can I purchase this new board very soon?

  24. Dominique4m Says:

    This is going to be science fiction!

  25. cyborg5 Says:

    This is a wonderful development. The good guys finally won! I was deeply concerned that the previous leadership had abandoned the open source principles that is a core value of the Arduino community. Had things not changed I could have easily seen a boycott destroy the Arduino brand completely. Long live Arduino! Congratulations to Massimo and partners.

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