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Maker builds a touchless tattoo machine switch with Arduino

Arduino TeamJune 28th, 2017

You can switch a tattoo machine on and off with a foot pedal, but this can be an issue when it’s time to pack it up with other gear that needs to be kept ultra-clean. To address this problem, YouTuber “Wildman Tech” made an Arduino-powered device in the shape of a beautiful wooden pyramid to control a tattoo gun with the wave of one’s hand.

Electronics-wise, the setup is fairly simple. An Arduino Uno detects the tattoo artist’s gestures via a distance sensor, and signals the machine with an on or off output.

This project uses an Arduino Uno, a distance sensor module, and an FET driver transistor module. They both take their power from the Arduino main board. The distance sensor output is fed into pin 2 on the Arduino and the FET driver input is taken from pin 9.

You can see more of Wildman Tech’s touchless switch, including its code, in the video below!


4 Responses to “Maker builds a touchless tattoo machine switch with Arduino”

  1. WildmanTech Says:

    Thanks for taking notice! I had no idea this would be so popular!

  2. MIND_HACKER Says:

    Nice work Man!

  3. BinaryMan Says:

    Nice job WildmanTech for the tattoo machine and what a great workshop you have. My question is did you use a relay in the final connection to the heavier amperage tattoo machine, must be 12 volts and 5 amps at least.

  4. dj-yeezy Says:

    If you smuggled this into prison you would be KING

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