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Smell the rainbow with this olfactory device

Arduino TeamMay 11th, 2017

Do you ever wonder what certain colors would smell like? Perhaps red would emit the fragrance of a rose, while blue may be reminiscent of the ocean.

During a recent workshop at ÉCAL in Lausanne, Switzerland, Niklas Roy challenged students to come up with new communication devices. In response, they devised an Arduino-based machine that senses a color and translates it into a certain smell.

The resulting mechanism, which they’ve dubbed “Bouquet,” comes in the form of a cone with an optical sensor on one end, and a stepper motor-controlled disc on the other that turns pads with according scents under the nose of the art connoisseur.

As seen here, they topped the project off with a series of colorful posters that could be experienced in a new way! You can find more of this project on Roy’s website, as well as in this Creative Applications article.