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Teenage Maker builds his own Arduino drone

Arduino TeamApril 21st, 2017

When most people decide they’re going to build a quadcopter, they likely go to their favorite online retailer or hobby shop, and get the correct parts to connect together.

17-year-old Maker Nikodem Bartnik instead decided to customize things further, programming an Arduino to act as his flight controller, and constructing a transmitter (or “pilot” as he refers to it) from scratch. Finally, he attempted to 3D print the frame, but after some difficulty chose to just buy one.

The rest of the electronics consisted of four motors, four ESCs, some propellers, two nRF24L01 radio modules, an MPU-6050, a LiPo battery, and a bunch of other small components. You can see more of Bartnik’s project over on Instructables, as well as check out “Ludwik” (named partially as a nod to Nikodem’s friend “lukmar”) flying quite nicely in the video below.


2 Responses to “Teenage Maker builds his own Arduino drone”

  1. sabre76 Says:

    Great job! I’m just getting into UAS/RPAS and am impressed that you persisted and succeeded!

  2. choisy Says:

    I am Choi Se-yeon, an educational video producer, organized by EBS in Korea.
    I want to use the data used in the above article, is it available?
    Please reply me if you can.

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