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Rotate your laptop with this movement tracking system

Arduino TeamMarch 29th, 2017

YouTuber “SlightlyCyberneticVlogs” wanted a modular method to rotate his robot heads that he has built and plans to build in the future. What he came up with was a system that uses OpenCV running on a laptop or other computing device, which interfaces with an Arduino to make it follow him around the room.

For those of use that don’t have immediate plans to create a robot head, the neck swivel is also quite useful for pointing your computer’s webcam at you, or whatever else is moving around in a room, while filming. Perhaps it, or a close variation, could even be used to adjust a TV or computer monitor to a correct viewing angle.

If you’d like one of your own, you can find the code, STL files, and a guide for sale on “Collin’s Cybernetic Tech” site for a quite reasonable $1.50.