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A toast-buttering robot for your breakfast routine

Arduino TeamFebruary 24th, 2017

Tired of buttering your toast in the morning? Well, William Osman has just the solution for you, albeit slightly dangerous and excessive for the task at hand.

For his “extremely violent” machine, Osman used a jigsaw motor to hold the butter and an Arduino-driven linear stepper motor to move the slice of toast back and forth. The robot’s frame, spikes, and mounts are all crafted out of laser-cut wood, and everything is held together by a bunch of zip ties.

I was planning on making a more cohesive user experience. But then I didn’t. The jigsaw trigger was wired to a 12v lead acid battery, and the stepper motor was driven by a motion control driver I built several years ago.

Osman documented his entire build process and shared the end result in the video below. Be sure to also check out his other projects here!


5 Responses to “A toast-buttering robot for your breakfast routine”

  1. m14vl006 Says:

    Good Morning Sir/Madam,
    The device is extraordinary done by you and really unbelievable through the cutting edge technologies, Is it done by Arduino software or not? Please tell me the board that you have done. I need this type, what is jigsaw motor and how it works?
    Best regards.

  2. skymake Says:

    great staff

  3. JLam Says:

    3 words: Rick and Morty
    Looks and sounds amazing btw.

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