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Save the date for Arduino Day 2017: April 1st

Arduino TeamFebruary 13th, 2017

For the fourth year, we invite the open source community to join us in celebrating Arduino’s birthday on Saturday, April 1st!

Arduino Day is a 24-hour-long worldwide event – organized by our team and the community – where people interested in Arduino can get together, share their experiences, and learn more about the platform through all sorts of activities, tailored to local audiences. Participation is open to anyone, from young Makers and students to professional engineers and designers.

More than 330 were held by Arduino enthusiasts across the globe in 2016. This year, we are hoping to make that number 500! If you want to organize Arduino Day festivities of your own, please fill out the online form and submit your proposal here by March 11th.

In the coming weeks, be sure to visit the official website to learn more or find an event in your area. And don’t forget to post, engage, and follow along on social media using the hashtag #ArduinoD17!

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  4. anuruddhads Says:

    if we organizing a event should it bee 24h event?

  5. MarcioPache Says:

    Hi. Do you know to tell me if it´s possible perform arduino/genuino day event in a posterior date, not in 1st april? I don´t get permission of my director to perform in 1st april, therefore something like June 24. Thanks.

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  7. Sagnik2 Says:

    Will it be also held in India !

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