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Build your own coin-operated Wi-Fi hotspot ticketing system

Arduino TeamJuly 18th, 2016

Reddit user “jeff122885” has come up with a fairly simple yet clever coin-operated ticketing system for his Wi-Fi network. The setup consists of a Ch-926 multi-coin acceptor, a MikroTik Groove, and an Arduino Uno with a microSD card module. The unique password for the hotspot is stored in the SD card and read by the Arduino.

Once the coins are deposited, the voucher code, Wi-Fi name, duration, cost, and instructions on how to connect are printed onto a receipt. You can see it all in action below!


9 Responses to “Build your own coin-operated Wi-Fi hotspot ticketing system”

  1. carlos83139801 Says:

    friend, will be available if you would like the code? I’m from Brazil bound

  2. elvir Says:

    Helo friend, will be available if you would like the code? I’m from Bosnia

  3. elvir Says:

    Please send me d tutorial how it works and how much it would cost me the satisfaction that I get instructions for implementation to the Arduino code ..Volio’d like to try it implemented
    Thank you in advance

  4. whenz Says:


  5. whenz Says:

    this is what we are looking for,

  6. mexscafe2015 Says:

    hello friend is it possible to ask for the code..

  7. francisagrava Says:

    hello how do you connect the arduino to mikrotik? to generate vouchers when you inserted a coin? im also building this for my embedded system

  8. alexrs Says:

    Olá pessoal!
    Alguém tem este tutorial ou o código disponível para montar está máquina sou do Brasil!
    Hello guys!
    Anyone have this tutorial or the code available to assemble this machine I’m from Brazil!

  9. Macprintshop Says:

    pwede po maka hingi ng code 🙂 thnks

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