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Creating an automatic targeting frisbee launcher with Arduino

Arduino TeamJuly 7th, 2016

A few years ago, Jordan Réjaud and a team of his fellow Carnegie Mellon classmates built a robotic frisbee launcher. Based on an Arduino, the machine used a camera to detect colored targets, and a powerful DC motor to induce linear and rotational motion of the discs before propelling them at the selected bullseye several feet away.

A servo motor was tasked with pushing the frisbees out of a hopper made from a tin coffee can and towards the DC motor, while a planetary gear and linear actuator positioned the launcher horizontally and vertically, respectively.

You can see the entire system in action below!


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  1. himanshu1 Says:

    Can u tell me what kind of frisbee did u use? Was it a soft frisbee which can be folded with our hands made out of polyurethane foam or a hard frisbee

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