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Venduino is a DIY Arduino vending machine

Arduino TeamJune 29th, 2016

Ryan Bates has built a miniaturized vending machine from scratch using an Arduino Uno, four continuous rotation servos, and a Nokia 5110 LCD. The device, dubbed “Venduino,” includes four input buttons to make a selection, an LED indicator, and a 12V light strips to illuminate the inside of the cabinet. Whether it’s candies, toiletries, game cartridges, or miscellaneous items you’re looking to dispense, the possibilities are endless. Simply insert a coin, choose a product, and repeat.

Sound like something you’d like in your dorm room or cubicle? Bates has shared his code and schematics, and provided a detailed breakdown of his build below.


3 Responses to “Venduino is a DIY Arduino vending machine”

  1. mohamadnaufal Says:

    can i know name of all the components that you used? cause im doing my final year project. tq

  2. DJProgramer Says:

    This is a project I am doing with my dad

  3. check1two Says:

    You should totally make a kit for this and sell it. I would love to have one of these at my desk.

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