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Arduino WiFi Shield 101 is now available in the US store!

Zoe RomanoSeptember 30th, 2015


We are excited to announce that Arduino Wifi Shield 101 developed with Atmel is now available for purchase on the Arduino Store US (49.90$).

Arduino WiFi Shield 101 is a powerful IoT shield with crypto-authentication that connects your Arduino or Genuino board to the internet wirelessly. Connecting it to a WiFi network is simple, no further configuration in addition to the SSID and the password are required. The WiFI library allows you to write sketches which connect to the internet using the shield.

The shield is based on the Atmel SmartConnect-WINC1500 module, compliant with the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard. The WINC1500 module provided is a network controller capable of both TCP and UDP protocols.  The main feature is an hardware encryption/decryption security protocol provided by the ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication chip that is an ultra secure method to provide key agreement for encryption/decryption, specifically designed for the IoT market.

Last year, Massimo Banzi introduced the shield:

“In this increasingly connected world, the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 will help drive more inventions in the IoT market. Expanding our portfolio of Arduino extensions, this new shield can flawlessly connect to any modern Arduino board giving our community more options for connectivity, along with added security elements to their creative projects.”

The WiFi Shield 101 is the first Arduino product fully supporting SSL and all the communication between your board and our secured server. With the power of the Arduino Zero and the WiFi Shield 101 it is possible to make secure IoT applications simply and just using the Arduino Language.

A working example and instructions on how to get started are available on Arduino Cloud, a work-in-progress project that gives you access to a pre-configured MQTT server for your IoT sketches using only your Arduino account. More examples and features will be available in the next months.

Feel like knowing more about the shield? Explore the  Getting Started guide.

16 Responses to “Arduino WiFi Shield 101 is now available in the US store!”

  1. Dirk67 Says:

    Where can a non U.S.-citizen buy the “WiFi shield 101” ?
    Where can a non U.S.-citizen buy the “Arduino Zero Board” ?

  2. Osqui Says:

    WiFi API is exactly the same with this new shield?

  3. Osqui Says:

    Ooh, sorry, I see: But this page isn’t shown in

  4. TGDrakaRG Says:

    Is it possible to use the new shield as an Access Point?

  5. samer195 Says:

    I want to buy one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    what is the way???

  6. Zoe Romano Says:

    You don’t need to be a US citizen to buy the Shield, the Shield is sold in US to anyone who wants to buy it.

    We’ll soon have Genuino Zero available on our Store EU.

  7. Dirk67 Says:

    >>”the Shield is sold **IN US** to anyone who wants to buy it.”

    or do you really think anyone will book a flight into the U.S. to buy it there ?

  8. Zoe Romano Says:

    It’s not a matter of being a US citizen. Store US ships only in United States. When the Wifi shield 101 is available for worldwide shipment we are going to announce it on the blog!

  9. Dirk67 Says:

    why did you delete comments here ?

  10. rominou1987 Says:

    It really seems like an esp8266 stick on an expansion board.
    Releasing an arduino board powered by an esp8266 would be the thing I’ll expect from arduino.
    It’s always convenient to use Arduino standard form factor and extension board. But, I’m not ready anymore to spend 100$ for and arduino + wifi extension board when the esp8266 do the same for 10€…

  11. super_lazy Says:

    Is this shield compatible with the Arduino due? Thanks

  12. neslekkim Says:

    What is the reasoning behind closing the US shop for non-US citizens?
    When the Arduino Zero came, I bought it from the US shop (I’m in Norway).
    It was good price on the item, good price on the shipping, and USPS shipping took just 3-4 days.

    Enter EU shop.. Totally different, tried to buy the Due way back when it came, EU Shop ONLY uses fedex/ups, not normal postal mail (Probably because it’s in the worst country for post, Italy), and the Item was more expensive, and the people answering emails about the shop didn’t understand about taxes, so I couldn’t use that.
    I bought then from Adafruit instead, way better prices, cheap shipping, and very fast delivery, again, buy USPS.

    Now, the EU shop is almost completely emtpy?, haven’t seen items there in a long time.
    What you people are doing now, is forgetting about europeans, and we are resorting to buying clones/fakes from ebay instead, unless one finds US shops that sells to europe.


  13. Zoe Romano Says:

    @Dirk67 I haven’t deleted any comment.

    We are sorry for inconvenience, we’ve been reorganizing manufacturing and distribution for products sold outside US. We’ve been working hard to make it happen and soon there will be news about it. Thanks for your patience!
    Check this link for more info about product sold outside of US with Genuino brand:

  14. a_guadalupi Says:

    Even if the shield technically can do it, this is currently not supported with the Arduino Wifi101 library.

  15. a_guadalupi Says:

    We are extending the number of supported boards to all avr boards and the arduino due, some update to the library is on the way to be released in a couple of days.

  16. Yop1403 Says:

    Any update on when/if the 101 shield is sold in EU?

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