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Are you a developer? Take a 10-min survey and shape a new report

Zoe RomanoMay 20th, 2015


How will IoT play out in your ecosystem? Is HTML vs. Native still relevant? Are you using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud? Which are the hottest IoT verticals? These are some of the questions that researchers at VisionMobile address through their 9th edition of Developer Economics research launched at the beginning of this month. You can make your voice heard taking the 10-minute Developer Skill Census survey and later read key insights given back to the community as a free download in late July.

The Developer Economics research program tracks developer sentiment across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions, tackling some of 2015’s most commonly asked questions. It’s the largest, most global app developer research & engagement program reaching up to 10,000 developers in over 140 countries and we believe open source developers could give an interesting point of view on the topic!

After  taking the survey, you can download immediately a free chapter from one of VisionMobile’s premium paid reports taking a close look at app profits & costs and also enter a draw to win prizes such as an iPhone 6, an Apple Sports Watch, an Oculus Rift Dev Kit, and many more.

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